It’s Monday.
Mondays are tough to get in the groove which is why I went to Dunkin Donuts.
All I asked for was a strawberry frosted donut with sprinkles and raspberry tea to boost my day.
When I finally reach down in my bag to devour my donut there are no freaking sprinkles.

Like you have to be the cruelest person in the world to give someone a frosted donut with no sprinkles. Wtf. :’(




I’ve been thinking about opening up submissions for a little while to those who would like to submit a couple of their best photographs to be shown here. I guess you could call it a digital exhibition. Lol

Should there be a theme or should it be open??

Let me know what you think and share this post with other photographers!!!

Depending on the response I get will determine if this idea becomes a reality. *shrug*
K bye.